My Life Is Your Story To Read

“Listen closely to the songs I play, because the lyrics speak the words I fail to say.”

-Ed Sheeran

I wouldn't be afraid of spiders if I could just talk to them, you know?

Me:Oh, hey whoa, this shower is occupied.
Spider:Omg man I didn't see you there.
Me:We cool?
Spider:Yeah, yeah, we're cool. I'm just coming down to scope out the tub.
Me:Oh, that's legit. Hey, you might wanna move over some--you're descending right into the shower stream and I don't want you to drown.
Spider:Hey thanks, bud. I'll be careful.
Me:So...can I get out now?
Spider:Sure, sure! Sorry I'll just move over here.
Me:Thanks. You have a nice night. Don't come into my bedroom, okay?
Spider:Nah, that's your space. We're cool. Have a great evening.


You can watch how they make the Ed Sheeran Shake here

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Questions, questions.  John always has questions for Sherlock.

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Turns out the world isn’t such a bad place after all. 

Timely reminder that people are inherently good.

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I’m in fucking tears..


..Ben C looks so fucking annoyed that they’re all doing his signature point. 



"First of all, how fucking dare you.." 

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you are lying to me if you said that you didnt sing this in your head

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